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Nocito & Ravitz Support Keeping Schools Smart

Dear Voorhees resident:

We are reaching out to ask that you join us in supporting Julie Ketover, Jacob Rosner, Maureen Rutter and Julienne Verdi, of the Keeping Schools Smart slate, for Voorhees Board of Education in this year’s election. These candidates will bring to the school board top quality experience, creative thinking, and deep commitment to public schools. Having the Keeping Schools Smart team represent our community will help to ensure that Voorhees schools continue to thrive. To learn more about Julie, Jacob, Maureen, and Julienne, please visit We are confident that, like us, you will be impressed by who they are and what they stand for.

The Keeping Schools Smart slate believes a high-quality public education should be the right of every child in our community. We proudly support Ketover, Rosner, Rutter and Verdi because they will fight to improve Voorhees schools by ensuring greater focus on STEM learning, developing programming to improve performance in math and literacy, supporting a more effective transition from VMS to Eastern, and bringing early language education to all students in K-8.

We have raised our kids here and developed deep community ties here. But in this moment, our schools face grave threats from people who seem to have no other wish than to destroy them to suit their own political agenda. These opponents of our schools are calling for vouchers, privatization, defunding schools, and banning books and are attacking teachers and making every attempt to derail effective education. One thing is clear: They do not have the best interests of Voorhees learners or Voorhees taxpayers in mind. We believe that should these opponents of public education be elected, they would do tremendous damage to our schools and our school system. We cannot let that happen. Thankfully you have a choice on Election Day, and that choice is clear.

We hope you will join us in supporting Ketover, Rosner, Rutter and Verdi of Keeping Schools Smart for the Voorhees Board of Education. Please make sure to vote. This election is critical.

With gratitude,

Michelle Nocito Jason Ravitz

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