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Keeping Schools Smart Candidates Receive Moms Demand Action 2022 Gun Sense Candidate of Distinction

Hi neighbors! This is Maureen Rutter from the Keeping Schools Smart slate. This distinction means so much to me for so many reasons. When I was a junior in high school, I lost a friend to senseless gun violence. He was a young man just trying to break up a fight, and it cost him his life.

As someone who works inside of public schools, I have experienced more active shooter drills than I can count. There have been many times I have been huddled in a classroom corner with students looking to me to be a calming guide while inside my heart is breaking. The reality of school shootings is horrifying. They impact those of us walking into these work environments every single day which is why the school safety is a core pillar of the Keeping Schools Smart platform.

The Keeping Schools Smart candidates are all passionate supporters of common-sense gun safety; as such, we are beyond thrilled to announce all four Keeping Schools Smart candidates; Julie Ketover, Julienne Verdi, Jacob Rosner, and myself, Maureen Rutter were awarded the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction.

The Moms Demand Action Candidate Distinction is a signal to supporters, volunteers, and Voorhees voters that the full Keeping Schools Smart slate advocates for gun violence prevention and will govern with gun safety in mind, if elected.

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